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Infocomm 2017: Brown Innovations Directional Audio Solutions

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Brown Innovations partnered with SpinetiX and was featured in NEC’s Virtularium, otherwise known as The Cave, demonstrating the focused sound of their directional speakers at this year’s Infocomm. They offer several lines, each significantly reducing sound bleed and providing solutions for a wide variety of applications.


The Sound Dome Localizer features a dome over centralized speakers directing the sound downward and creating a private listening area. With several versions, these can be implemented in a variety of spaces and can distribute localized sound to an individual listener, small group of listeners or a group seated around a table.  Brown claims these are 4 times more precise than a conventional overhead speaker.


The SonicBeam speaker line, primarily used with digital signage, provides directional sound to viewers in confined or broader areas depending on the requirements of the project. This line also includes a model that installs into the edge of a table, desk or console, and focuses sound to an individual seated in front of the speaker.


Brown Innovation’s Directional Subwoofers include models that can be mounted overhead or from below to produce directional bass sound for a more impactful sound experience. For seated applications, such as gaming or restaurants, directional speakers can even be designed to attach to a chair.


These speaker options are excellent for applications such as museums, restaurants, education, gaming, retail and more, where a sound focusing solution is required. A variety of mounting solutions are also available to ensure the speakers can be installed in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors, large or small.

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