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Infocomm 2017: Biamp Small Room DSP Products

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Our focus on Infocomm 2017 highlights continues as we discuss Biamp’s expansion of their Tesira product line that will now include four new products specifically designed for smaller conference rooms and rooms using VoIP, voice lift, mix-minus and AEC. Available in October 2017, the TesiraForte AVB VT and VT4, and the TesiraForte DAN VT and VT4, will provide a superior solution for expanding capabilities in existing environments where an integrated telephone solution is needed. The VT4’s take all the power of a standard TesiraFORTÉ product, but scale down the price and analog I/O, making it a great solution for digital microphones or for installations requiring less analog I/O.


The TesiraForte VT and VT4 solutions are equipped with VoIP and POTS (plain old telephone service) interfaces, networked audio via AVB or Dante, and USB audio to interface directly with soft-codec conferencing technologies for extra flexibility.. The VT provides 12 input channels and 8 output channels and the VT4 provides 4 input channels, 4 output channels along with Biamp’s AEC technology to eliminate acoustic echoes and feedback, a key feature for small to medium sized conference rooms. Other features include Ethernet control, RS-232, a general-purpose input/output as well as an OLED display that comes standard on all TesiraForte models.  The VT4 models can also be used as a standalone solution and are ideal for smaller offices.

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