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The Importance of AV in Online Learning

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Most K-12 schools and higher education campuses have transitioned to online learning models during the coronavirus pandemic. Our children and college students began learning from home at their kitchen tables or from their living room couch nearly overnight and the changeover for many was not an easy one. K-12 school systems in particular were not set up to be solely providing education via the internet.

While most of us would relish the idea of kids going back to school in the fall, the fact is that no one really knows what will happen in the coming months and even if students do return, it will probably be in a modified format for many. Some form of virtual learning and remote teaching will likely continue in a large number of places in the U.S., which brings to light the need for schools, colleges and universities to stay ahead of the curve, whether flattened or not. Additionally, even before the pandemic a third of all postsecondary students already took at least one online course , according to a January 2019 report from the U.S. Department of Education—indicating that the online learning trend is here, pandemic or not.

Given our circumstances and current trends, it seems prudent for schools and college and university campuses to investigate upgrading technology that will provide natural and convenient methods of learning and teaching from anywhere. AV integrators can assist in providing the knowledge and skill required to design and install audio and videoconferencing technologies to enhance and continue collaboration whether at home or in the classroom.

Both educators and students need to have access to the right hardware and software to effectively communicate and participate in class exercises and learning activities. Educators need to be equipped to create engaging videos and have effective online class sessions. Students need to be able to clearly hear and see their teacher and classmates as well as to have access to online networks. AV integrators can assist in the planning and execution of these networks and the required equipment to ensure that everyone can participate and successfully teach and learn.

The future will bring new technologies to the table to aid our goal of keeping both our learners and educators not only connected, but even more engaged. Online learning tools are here to stay, and innovation will continue to bring better and more effective methods of online learning to the table. Having a strategy that will take your institutions education plan forward with confidence is fundamental to attaining equal and effective learning for all.

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