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Immersive Classroom Technology with Possible VR in the Plans for Missouri’s Lincoln University

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As universities prepare for the upcoming academic year, many are making decisions that are at least partially driven by trends resulting from a now yearlong pandemic. Technology has been at the forefront of keeping students engaged regardless of whether they are in-person or remote. This is one factor under consideration for Lincoln University, a historically black college, established in 1866, in Jefferson City, Missouri. The school has announced it is creating a plan to enhance classroom opportunities through technology.

First on the institution’s list is to ensure that all students are empowered with the technology they need to successfully access their education remotely such as webcams, quality microphones and laptops. The school is committed to creating a more immersive learning experience for all so students can participate in live classes from anywhere including utilizing Smart Boards that will allow remote students to view content shared on the display in class simultaneously at home on their computers.

The university will also be taking inventory of each department’s current technology and determining what new technology they need to fit course needs. This includes looking into Virtual Reality (VR) to enable students to virtually experience places and reenactments that they can’t physically travel to or experience without the help of technology. For example, a European history course might use VR to experience the arrival of Viking longships on the shores of Britain during the Viking Age.

Additionally, they plan to provide more advanced training for both students and instructors prior to implementing more advanced technology. Lincoln is hoping to implement the changes by the fall of 2021.

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