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Huddly Unveils New Zoom and Teams Integrated AI Whiteboard Camera

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As remote meetings and classes have become the preferred way to operate during these trying times, drawing on a whiteboard is still a fundamental way to provide information or instruction. But, with ambient or poor lighting conditions and reflection from the whiteboard surface, it doesn’t always come across clearly in a virtual world. A company has addressed this issue to provide a new way to effectively whiteboard while in an online meeting. Video conferencing company Huddly, based in Oslo, Norway, has introduced Canvas, a new AI camera that significantly enhances the virtual whiteboarding experience.

Built for use with Teams and Zoom, Canvas uses AI to enhance the whiteboard image in real-time. It removes gloss and shadows, boosts marker colors, and even hides people that may be standing in front of the whiteboard from the image. Certified as a Microsoft content camera, Canvas allows users to share the enhanced whiteboard stream by simply clicking the content camera button.

Suitable for any size room, Canvas can be installed above any whiteboard up to a size of 6-feet by 4-feet. An integrated Ethernet extender makes it easy to install the Canvas camera and connect it to the meeting room device through USB.

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