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How AV Systems are Helping us Work Smarter

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Today’s AV systems are changing the way we work by providing new technology and targeted tools that allow anyone to use them easily and to make the experience as efficient and effective as possible. AV systems and IT are meshing to create a dramatically improved work experience across all industries.



Videoconferencing has taken huge strides in recent years with vastly improved video and audio capabilities that result in a much more immersive collaboration experience. It provides better coordination between different geographical office locations and off-site employees. It also allows employees to work from home or other locations which can increase productivity by reducing stress from morning commutes, improving overall morale and decreasing both required office square footage and travel expenses.


Interactive projectors, flat panels and white boards

Interactive projectors, white boards and flat panels are improving the learning environment in every classroom from elementary schools to colleges. The educational experience for students is changing and teaching facilities have to keep up with the times both to attract new students and to satisfy their educational needs. They are also breaking into the business sector and are proving to be very effective in collaboration, providing the users with a much more interactive experience.


Less IT involvement for users

Although IT has become a necessary skill for integrators, once the system is installed it is now much easier to use and troubleshoot without any IT involvement. Advances in software have made the user interfaces on the majority of new AV systems simple and easy to use for anyone, saving companies time, resources and money. For example, some interactive flat panels now instantly turn on when a user approaches the device or when the screen is touched, thereby eliminating the need to even search for the on button.


Streaming content and networking

With the advent of IP over AV, companies can now stream content real-time quickly and easily allowing information to flow freely, overcoming concerns such as resolution, latency and bandwidth. Whether you want to pull up ongoing surveillance video on your desktop or mobile device or you are in the conference room and want to pull up a presentation from your computer, with IP over AV and networking, you can now have the ability to view clear, streaming content anywhere.


These trending developments allow users to work faster and with ease in a much more collaborative environment. Employees, students, and teachers can work smarter and more productively with more tools at their fingertips.

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