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HoverCam Flex 11 Now Integrated with Zoom for Simplified Distance Learning

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Schools across the nation from K-12 to college have announced plans to transfer to distance learning as the pandemic continues. Many that have not fully committed to online learning are offering options to students and parents as to whether they want in-person or distance learning as they return to school. This creates new needs to service students at every level with quality instruction from home.

This trend has led to a partnership between HoverCam and Zoom to enable ease-of-use when utilizing HoverCam document cameras. Flex 11 is HoverCam’s proprietary software that allows users to control their HoverCam document camera, annotate over a live image, activate picture-in-picture and split-screen viewing, record lessons, and use a built-in whiteboard. Now, a Zoom meeting can be scheduled, started, and run from within Flex 11 simplifying the process for Zoom users. Instructors can now simply open the Flex 11 software and access all of the Zoom controls along with all of the Flex 11 features without the need to be running two separate applications. Additionally, teachers can now view students as they provide instruction using a HoverCam document camera.

In the spring when schools closed nationwide, Zoom has seen incredible growth in usage with over 300 million meeting participants daily in April 2020. Schools nationwide chose the app due to ease of access and low latency. Flex 11 had previously been compatible with conferencing platforms such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams and now with Zoom as part of the lineup, it will allow instructors to provide clear and easy instruction using most popular platforms.

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