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HOLOPORTL Bring Hologram Technology to the World of Digital Signage

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Digital signage is everywhere these days, vying for our attention to introduce products and information. As its presence has increased, new ways to draw viewers has become a top priority with interactive displays, unique shapes and bigger sizes, and better and brighter content. Some companies have even developed hologram technology as a new way to engage viewers and it brings some serious wow factor to events and venues.
PORTL Hologram Company has introduces the HOLOPORTL, which they describe as the world’s first and only single passenger holoportation machine. The HOLOPORTL is a box the size of a vending machine that can transmit video of a person from anywhere to the unit in real time. For example, the company transported Jimmy Kimmel from onstage at his live show in Los Angeles to simultaneously live in Nashville via HOLOPORTL. The audience at the Nashville CMA Theatre at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum watched as he appeared on stage cracking jokes about his hologram having a blast in Nashville.
The HOLOPORTL utilizes a life-sized panel of Hologram Glass made from a proprietary blend of components that include a modified 4K LCD transparent touchscreen, bright white LEDs that produce 80k lumens, and high-quality production equipment. The newest version of the unit is fifty percent brighter to allow it to be viewed in daylight.
The person being beamed can interact live with audiences as the unit is equipped with a camera and speakers so they can see and hear viewers no matter where they are being beamed from. The 4K holographic image can also be pre-recorded to display a person, character or retail product. The unit can be touch screen enabled or motion activated.
This emerging form of digital signage promises to bring some zing to numerous venues including museums, theme parks, airports, retail stores, conventions and trade shows.

  • Front 4K resolution transparent PORTL projection window
  • Embedded left and right stereo speakers with volume control
  • Embedded audience facing camera for telepresence, security, motion detection, and (AI future)
  • Hard drive content media player for playback and live telepresence
  • Patent pending front framed bezel loaded with electronics
  • Patent pending seamless, dimmable, interior lightbox with 18,000 lumens of even light distribution
  • Daytime/nighttime brightness settings
  • USB and HDMI inputs
  • Control center smartphone/tablet app with dedicated router
  • Touch screen enabled, optional
  • 110V or 220V available
  • Plugs into a standard 15amp outlet
  • Dimensions 7’ tall x 4’4” wide x 2’9” deep
  • Ships in wood crate or roadie case

HOLOPORTL™️ may be used in many different ways!

  • Museums (Hologram animals, historical interactive holograms, presidential library installations)
  • Sports/Music Venues (HOLO-Fame interactive fan experiences w/ favorite athletes or celebrities)
  • Digital resurrection tours (Deceased icons brought back via hologram to posthumously tour the world)
  • Universities/Education (Top professors from around the world beam into many locations at once)
  • Experiential/Advertising agencies (Great for audience interaction & generate massive foot traffic)
  • Live telepresence concerts (Beam living performers, singers, comedians into multiple locations around the world)
  • Houses of worship (HALO-Gram events. Spiritual leader hologram for holiday or special event sermons)
  • Inspiration (Motivational speakers or religious leaders beam around the world to inspire)
  • Malls/department stores (In-store advertising, holo-fashion shows, generate foot traffic, info desk)
  • Movie premieres (Red carpets, publicity events, promotions, celebrity meet and greets)
  • Theater installations (Replace the cardboard standees in theater lobbies with movie star holograms)
  • Political campaigns (Safest way to campaign. No flights, no security, no wear and tear. Be in multiple places)
  • Airports/Travel destinations (Information guides, entertainment while you wait

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