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HDBaseT Expands to IP

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 The HDBaseT Alliance, originally incorporated in 2010, has announced an extension to support a new specification that delivers HDBaseT over IP connections. This is a significant addition to the growing popularity of the HDBaseT standard that has been officially adopted by the IEEE 1911 standard.


HDBaseT has given AV integrators the ability to transmit uncompressed ultra-high-definition video (up to 4K), audio, power over HDBaseT (PoH), Ethernet, USB, and a series of controls such as RS and IR over common Ethernet connections (Cat5e and above) which ultimately results in more cost effective installations that require long distance system layouts (up to 100m or 328 ft). Distributing signals of this caliber using traditional cabling can come with a huge cost barrier and thus limit the types of interoperability needed for robust system architecture.


With the new development of IP interconnectivity, HDBaseT expands upon its current capabilities by providing pro AV grade robustness and quality of service for unicast and multicast sessions, not yet available in alternative AV-over-IP solutions; and compliance with HDCP. The benefits range from 5play interoperability across brand types in order to create better cohesion between AV and the IP technology that so richly encompasses large scale, point-to-point cross-campus installations. Moreover, the installation can be seamless in existing systems because it leverages the versatility of IP integration over the same Cat5 cabling network.


What does this mean to you?

“HDBaseT over IP brings unprecedented modularity and breadth of scope to the existing HDBaseT solutions available today,” said Micha Risling, chair of the HDBaseT Alliance marketing committee. “Whether over a 10G, 5G, 2.5G, or even 1G Ethernet PHY, HDBaseT over IP expands the realm of possibilities for AV professionals. It allows our customers combining traditional HDBaseT installations with HDBaseT-over-IP deployment networking the in-room to the cross-campus, with increased ease and flexibility. By standardizing HDBaseT over IP, the alliance continues to attend to the changing demands of our industry.”


This new introduction of HDBaseT over IP is an important element towards the alliance’s goal of providing a holistic approach to all use cases and market sectors, simplifying the transmission of high-throughput content over any medium.

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