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Hand Washing and Digital Signage Now Go Hand-in-Hand

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Digital signage has found its way into nearly every public space—except the bathroom—until now. A company by the name of VODXS (Visual-on-Demand Experience Support Ecosystem) has altered the mundane task of washing your hands into a unique opportunity for advertisers to get in front of a targeted audience. These automatic faucets with built-in 7-inch digital displays sense that a person is at the sink and automatically play ads or display information that can include videos, jpgs or flash content. Using blockchain technology, customer’s reactions are recorded and validated allowing content to be adjusted accordingly.

The ability to sense a person washing their hands also allows for water conservation of up to 70% over manual faucets in that they automatically turnoff when someone steps away from the faucet. Additionally, employers can monitor their employee’s hand washing habits to ensure cleanliness, tracking not only whether or not they washed, but also for how long they washed their hands.

VODXS faucets can include a sponsor logo, and can also include a branded skin. Sponsors interested in participating in the VODX Initial Inventory Offering will benefit from the VODXS proprietary software management solution, allowing advertisements to be controlled remotely, as well as providing tracking methodology for impression volume, faucet engagements, and ROI.

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