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Thousands of Birds Take Over Grand Central Station through Projection Mapping

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On July 19, 2018, Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal in New York was overtaken by 75,000 birds. The birds were projected onto the ceiling, columns and walls of the iconic building to commemorate Dawn’s 40-year commitment to helping save wildlife. The dish soap company has invested millions of dollars in organizations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife when disaster strikes, including International Bird Rescue and The Marine Mammal Center. Dawn has also donated bottles of dish liquid product to clean animals affected by oil spill pollution.

The production turned Vanderbilt Hall into a wildlife sanctuary for a day and employed 16 Barco UDX-4K32 31,000-lumen 4K projectors, providing 480,000 lumens and some breathtaking views of wildlife. Projection mapping allowed the exhibition to utilize the complicated architecture of the space in an effective and stunning manner. A laser scan of the space was used to produce a 3D rendering which the production team worked from to accurately distribute the images without distortion.

To further enhance the experience, spatial audio created a more realistic, immersive feel through the use of four channels of surround sound originating from Electro-Voice speakers. To view the impressive transformation, click here.

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