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Goodview Temperature Scanner and Facial Recognition Display Offers Peace of Mind

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Goodview’s Dynamic Detection Display line of temperature scanner kiosks with facial recognition provide a contactless safety option to health care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, government offices, retail and more. The scanner offers instant temperature scanning and facial recognition technology before entering a building or specified area.

Featuring mask recognition and a high temperature alarm, an optional card reader feature is also available—all assisting in the mitigation of large-scale exposure. Door locks can be linked to temperature scan, facial and mask recognition to keep patrons or employees that may pose a risk from entering.

Standing just over 43 inches tall, the vertical module, SV1080-D, is mounted on a podium to offer flexibility of placement while the SV1081-D offers a wall mounted solution. Both models offer an 8-inch LCD screen with an LED and IR dual photo flood light. Facial scanning is available at up to 3 feet away from the display and the facial recognition library supports up to 30,000 individuals. New facial entries can be imported in batches to save time. Users can log in remotely to view temperature information.

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