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Four Big Benefits of Room Scheduling Platforms

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A necessary part of business, meetings often get cut short when someone else needs the conference room, and they’re often rescheduled due to lack of room availability or double booking. Meetings benefit from management just like most everything in the business world. Today, as huddle rooms and conference rooms are reinventing themselves, room scheduling platforms are providing more effective meeting planning, making daily operations run more smoothly, and meetings more productive.

Conforming with current business software

Most systems today work with major business productivity platforms such as Office 365 or Google Suite, allowing users to book or cancel a meeting from just about anywhere there is a computer and in many cases, on your mobile device as well. Integration of web conferencing services such as Skype for Business, WebX, or GoToMeeting are also often built-in so that remote users can be conferenced in to a scheduled meeting location.


Room scheduling platforms are designed to grow with your business. Adding conference and huddle rooms is easily addressed by adding another in-wall touch screen, such as Extron’s Room Agent or desktop unit, such as Crestron’s Mercury, to the new room, which then securely connect to the network.


Room scheduling platforms allow administrators to determine the use of any given conference or huddle room. These analytics can be used to make decisions about expansion, repurposing, or scaling back. Occupancy sensors can also help conserve energy by automatically powering down equipment when the space is not being used.


Office managers can make scheduling a conference room available only to certain people. They can assess the condition of connected electronics in a room from their computer or mobile device and make adjustments to scheduled meetings in the case that any required equipment is down. Or, they can reassign meetings to another room if a meeting runs over in an already scheduled room.

Collaboration in the business world is a requirement for success and simplifying this process benefits employees and business owners by boosting productivity and streamlining operations. Room scheduling platforms make collaboration easier, delivering more effective use of time and space.

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