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Flat Screens vs. Projectors: Which is Better for your Space?

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When determining the best solution for display systems there are many things to be taken into consideration to ensure the final decision fits the needs of that space and the people in it. Both flat screens and projectors have their own pros and cons, but whether business or education, conference room or huddle space, the end result must suit the overall use of the space and content to be displayed.



Will viewers be scrutinizing spreadsheets or teleconferencing? A spreadsheet or document requires a larger display area so that every person in the room, including the guy at the end of the table, or in the last row, can clearly see the content. This is not as crucial if you are simply viewing a video or a person in an off-site location who is joining a meeting. Projectors have the ability to project on a larger surface area than is practical for a flat screen monitor. However, if you’re looking to display content continuously as in advertising or scheduling in a reception area, then flat screens may be the way to go as they often require less maintenance. Laser projectors, which are nearly maintenance free, are now available but are more costly, so flat screens may be a more affordable option here.


Size and Use of the Space

In a classroom auditorium with high ceilings, projectors work nicely as the screen size can be quite large affording the space to project images that can be seen from the back of the room, but if you’re looking to outfit a small huddle space, then a flat screen could offer a more convenient option that would aptly suit the needs of the participants. Many conference rooms or huddle spaces are going to have a limited ceiling height, which substantially restricts the size of the display area and this needs to be considered in determining the size of a flat screen or projector screen.



The brightness of the display system should also be accounted for so that content can be clearly viewed despite bright lighting or ambient light. Laser projectors, as well as LED flat screens are both brighter and can be seen clearly in situations where lighting may be competing with the displayed content.

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