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Extron Offers AV Control from Personal Devices

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Where previously touchscreens were the cat’s meow, fears of touching surfaces now prevail, and many companies are finding new ways to adapt to this new touch-free era. Extron has addressed this with a new way to control AV from your mobile phone or personal device.

With employees continuing to return to the workplace, the unease of using touch panel surfaces in a public space is understandable and expected. Now people can utilize their phone or personal device to simply scan a QR code that appears on an Extron touchscreen to access AV controls for that room on their own device. This completely eliminates the need to touch anything other than their smartphone or tablet.  Once connected, you will have full control of your room AV and environmental controls all from your personal device. No matter how many users are working together, all button presses between the touch panel in the room and your personal device are kept in sync.

With no extra programming or expense required, users simply open the camera app on their phone and take a picture of the QR code displayed on the touch panel. A link will automatically be provided on your personal device that will prompt you with Extron Control for Web where you can login and access the interface.

To learn more, Extron offers an instructional video regarding the use of QR codes to control AV from your personal device here.

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