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Extron Introduces Interactive Wayfinding for Meeting Room Scheduling

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Meeting room scheduling systems assist companies in saving valuable time when planning meetings. Being able to quickly find and book a room as well as have that space ready and waiting when meeting participants arrive increases productivity and in this day and age, also helps keep people safer by avoiding coming into contact with other employees who may be huddled outside of a room waiting for another meeting to end.

Extron’s new TLSI201, which is now available for purchase, makes meeting scheduling even easier. The TLSI201 is an Interactive Wayfinding Interface that provides real-time meeting space availability, status, and location information using a centralized display. Designed to connect directly with Extron Room Scheduling panels, it enables users to easily locate meeting spaces and make ad hoc meeting reservations. Using Extron’s Room Agent software, the TLSI 201 interface can be easily configured to view and book meeting spaces for the current day or week. Meeting room information can be viewed in list or map view layouts, allowing users to quickly see and book meeting spaces.

The Interactive Wayfinding Interface offers several customization options, including logo branding and personalized messaging, as well as light and dark color themes. Information fields can be turned on or off as needed and the scaled output supports signal resolutions up to 1080p, making it ideal for 40-inch or larger touch screen displays. The TLSI 201 features the convenience of PoE.

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