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Extron Introduces HC404 Meeting Space Collaboration System

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Extron recently introduced their new HC 404 Meeting Space Collaboration System, extending their line of huddle room products to include this AV system solution for professional and educational spaces. A switching transmitter and a scaling receiver pair enable extension of video, audio, and power over a single cost effective CATx cable up to 230 feet (70 meters). The HC 404 features two HDMI and one VGA input at the transmitter, and one HDMI input at the receiver. Extron’s scaling technology ensures the highest quality images and low latency.


The HC404 functionality can be expanded with a variety of compatible products. Connecting a ShareLink wireless collaboration gateway to the receivers HDMI input adds support for wireless BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments for more effective collaboration and content sharing using smart phones, tablets or laptops. Ethernet connectivity facilitates management, monitoring, and control of AV devices over a standard network, while built-in controls enable automatic source switching, display control, and integration with occupancy sensors. More challenging and sophisticated processing can be performed as easily as smaller tasks with the addition of Global Configurator Professional and GlobalViewer Enterprise software, which also allow for remote device management.


The low-profile transmitter and receiver enclosures of the HC 404 are a perfect solution for applications that require discreet placement.

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