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Essential AV Technology for K-12 Schools

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Teaching a generation that was born plugged in has its challenges and technology is what engages these learners. Having the tools to keep them learning effectively and efficiently is a must for every K-12 classroom. Let’s take a look at some of the top tech that should be a part of every learning space today.


Both interactive projectors and interactive display boards afford teachers the ability to easily collaborate with students and allows students to contribute via tablets, smartphones or laptops. With the highly adaptive nature of interactive learning, a variety of learning styles can be accommodated. Whether visual, kinetic, or auditory learners, students are engaged simultaneously using sight, touch and hearing.

Personal & Mobile

Laptops and tablets allow learners to work at their own pace, collaborate via interactive displays and projectors and to remain mobile so they can learn whether in the media center, classroom, or outside. With so much more at their fingertips than a standard textbook, students can research projects via the internet, share and edit a document, watch educational videos, or even make their own videos.

Virtual Reality

A newcomers to the classroom, Virtual Reality(VR) provides ways in which students can experience real life situations and locations from their desk. With a set of special goggles and a smartphone, students can take virtual field trips, experiencing everything from the Great Wall of China to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. As they turn their heads, they can see all around just as if they were truly there. Pop up windows provide information as they scan the scenery.

Infrastructure & Scalability

Tech in the classroom is here to stay and as new technology emerges, you can bet that it will find it’s way into the classroom. Being prepared for the future is vital in keeping your K-12 facility ready to learn and up-to-date. Ensuring that you are one step ahead with the infrastructure to add inputs or easily modify or switch out current equipment will keep your facility on the cutting edge and give you the ability to provide the best learning tools to your learners and teachers.

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