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Epson’s New Brightlink 600 Series Projectors

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Epson JUST announced their new line of Brightlink Projectors, the 600 series.  Their new top of the line unit, the 697Ui, is a wireless, full HD 3LCD UST projector with interactivity at both the pen and finger level.  It’s 4,400 lumens of color and white brightness, full WUXGA display, and boasts very high level wireless support and capabilities for Chromebook, PC, Mac and other mobile devices.  The lamps can last up to 10,000 hours – that’s 2x longer than the 500 series.  It’s new whiteboard sharing and content sharing features are going to be a game changer in K12 education and the classroom, and make it very simple for collaboration.  There is a wall mounted control panel so that you can turn it on/off, source select or even us a USB for quick teaching and learning.  There is seamless integration with curriculum software, and the unit even comes with 1-year for the SMART learning suite, SMART Notebook, SMART amp, and SMART Lesson Activity Builder.  It’s brighter, and more reliable than any other K12 education classroom projector on the market – and we even tested it out.  Check out our video of all the great new features here: Pro AV Systems 697Ui Demo.

Other units in the line include at 696Ui, which is 3,800 lumens of color and white brightness, WUXGA, pen and finger touch interactivity, and wireless support.  The 695Wi unit is very comparable to the 595Wi unit, but brighter at 3,500 lumens and a longer lamp life.  Both of these units come with the better interactive software, more wireless and sharing capabilities and the SMART Notebook software suite.

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See the 697Ui brochure here.  

See the 695Wi brochure here. 

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