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Epson’s New 696Ui Interactive Projector: An Educated Choice for Classrooms

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Epson’s new 696Ui short throw interactive projector promotes classroom engagement with a scalable display size of up to 100 inches. FullHD WUXGA resolution and 3,800 Lumens ensure the image will be bright and sharp even in very light conditions. Two types of content can be displayed using the split-screen and because of the large display area, viewing clarity is not compromised.


Teachers can annotate and students write on the screen using either fingers or the interactive pen and then simply erase with their hand. Multi-PC projection software also allows teachers and students to share content simultaneously while the moderator function gives teachers control, choosing what content to display. Two 696Ui projectors can also be mounted side-by-side to create one large interactive display area.


The 696Ui features 3 HDMI inputs as well as a 16W speaker loud enough for a large classroom. It also has an eco mode offering longer lamp life of up to 10,000 hours.

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