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Epson Projectors, Projection Mapping and Augmented Reality Light Up Scottsdale at Annual Event

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Scottsdale Public Art’s annual art experience, Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light, took place November 5-14, 2021, in Scottsdale, Arizona. MASARY Studios’ digital art installation, Say What You Will (SWYW), illuminated the Scottsdale Waterfront utilizing Epson laser projectors and projection mapping to enchant and amaze spectators.

The interactive AV artwork was projected onto six 50-foot sails that were suspended above the Arizona Canal. The interactive installation invited participants to speak into any one of six onsite kiosks, and then watch as their voices were transformed into abstractions of light and video projection. 12 Epson Pro L1755UNL laser projectors, along with a variety of compatible Epson lenses, created 180,000 lumens of engaging suspended artwork that lit up the city. MASARY Studios used LANG frames to stack two 15,000 lumen Epson projectors to display double the light output and to enable a more efficient and compact installation.

The event, which was centered around the theme “Art and Technology,” also featured other technology focused artwork including the Augmented Reality (AR) based Mirage by Los Angeles artist Nancy Baker Cahill. The artwork was accessed by the audience via the Hoverlay app and features AR animated abstracted water droplets, hourglass and sand granules that hover over the canal before dissipating and cycling through again.

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