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Epson Projectors Bring New Life to Traditional Art

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As the role of projectors continues to expand, the world of art has found ways to embrace it to bring an immersive and engaging new pallet to customarily static pieces. Identical twin sisters Bahareh and Farzaneh Safarani have merged the traditional canvas painting with video projection and performance art to create movement within their pieces and add elements that represent their culture and self-expression to tell a story.

The Safarani sisters’ work is currently on display in Palm Beach, Florida at the Adelson Cavalier Galleries. They are using five Epson Lightscene accent lighting and five Epson PowerLite 1785W projectors to illuminate and enhance the emotion and elegance of their work. The sisters had previously used Epson projectors in their work as part of the ILLUMINUS festival in Boston that took place in December of 2019. The experience prompted them to find ways to utilize video projection technology to transform traditional still artwork into engaging video paintings.

The Safarani sisters’ “Breathing Pictures” exhibit portrays a woman’s voyage through life, highlighting moments that have taught her to turn every battle into an opportunity for self-knowledge and strength. The series depicts a woman who, when facing hardship and suffering in life, tries to appease and listen to her inner voice and make her inner universe less affected by the ugly reality of the world.

Born and raised in Iran, the sisters began studying art at the age of 13 and after majoring in painting at the University of Tehran, they moved to the United States to earn their MFA in Studio Art at Northeastern University.

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