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Epson Brightlink Interactive Projector and Document Camera Solution for Hybrid Learning

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With schools implementing hybrid models where students are learning from both home and in the classroom simultaneously, instructors are exploring new ways to reach both the in-class students and the remote students effectively. Teachers need a method that allows them to collaborate with students both at home and in school, as well as stream live instruction and also share physical instructional materials with their remote students. Epson has released a video that explains how an Epson Brightlink interactive projector and an Epson document camera in combination with a popular video conferencing platform such as Zoom can accomplish these goals with relative ease.

In the video, an Epson Brightlink 1485Fi 1080p 3LCD Interactive Laser Display and an Epson DC-13 Document Camera are connected to the instructors PC. Students at home can view all that is occurring on the teacher’s PC screen. The teacher can simultaneously display instruction that is being written on the whiteboard as well as him or herself giving instruction to those students who are learning at home. Remote students can also collaborate via the whiteboard by using their personal PC or tablet touchscreen to draw or write a response to a question or to solve a math problem. Their responses are displayed on the whiteboard so that both in person students and at home students can view them. If an instructor has a physical object or document they would like to share, they can simply place beneath the document camera and press Alt+N to shift to the document camera view so that students at home and in school can clearly view the item. The instructor can easily switch back to the whiteboard mode using the screen share function in Zoom.

In this new world of teaching and learning, innovative solutions are providing ways to make instruction easier and tools such as the Epson interactive projectors and document cameras provide methods that simulate an in-class learning environment for remote learners. Use of these tools can ensure that children are provided quality instruction despite their location and give instructors an effective method of delivering equal instruction when concurrently teaching in both a distance learning and in-person modality.

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