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New Epson Accent Lightscene Laser Projectors Offer Versatile, Immersive Experience

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Epson showcased their new Lightscene projectors at this years Infocomm that provide an immersive experience by projecting digital art, special design or signage onto virtually any surface. The accent lighting laser projectors were demonstrated at Infocomm providing changing scenery for a spinning rider, an underwater scene for bathing suit attire and even in a bar setting where the bar top digital content would change when the glass was put down on a pressure sensitive surface.

Available in 2 colors, the Lightscene EV-100 is white and Lightscene EV-105 is black. With an unobtrusive design and an array of configuration, mounting and programming options, these 3LCD laser projectors offer a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours when used in Normal Mode. The projectors include templates, effects, color filters, and customizable options. Users can create playlists, control the projector and schedule functions remotely with an easy-to-use, web-based application or over the network with Crestron Art-Net and other software. The projectors can be daisy-chained and utilize Edge Blending technology to create a seamless look despite the number of projectors used in a project. The Epson Lightscene projectors will be available May 2018 for $2,499.

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