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EonDigital and Brightsign Collaborate on Contactless Temperature Scanner

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In these days of COVID-19, contactless is all the rage, keeping people safer and offering more confidence to the public when they don’t have to touch a surface that may spread germs. With this in mind, EonDigitial and Brightsign have teamed up to bring to market the ExoMetrics Wrist System for contactless temperature monitoring.

The ADA compliant system provides more accurate readings by employing a patent pending algorithm that leverages previous scan data to determine average deviations, which reduces false positives. Utilizing an IR thermal sensor that scans the wrist, the system readings are accurate to within 0.5 degrees Celsius. Temperature scans require only that a person hold their wrist up to the device therefore removing the element of close personal contact that is required of the typical handheld temperature scanner. Wrist scans take only seconds, allowing for people to move through quickly thereby eliminating long waiting lines.

The ExoMetrics Wrist System can be stanchion-mounted or located on a counter-top stand. A temperature that is within normal range is signified by a green light and a beep. A high temperature results in a red light and double buzz. Brightsign contributes their HD1024 media player to the system to allow for fast and reliable processing power. Also durable, the processor is designed to operate in ambient temperatures between -20 and 70 degrees Celsius at 90-percent maximum relative humidity, non-condensing. ExoMetics Wrist can also be configured to connect with existing security systems.

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