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Enhancing Patient Privacy and Comfort with Sound Masking

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Healthcare facilities are bound by HIPAA laws that require health care information to be protected whether written, electronic or oral. In addition, patient satisfaction is key to running a successful organization attracting more referrals and return visits. Sound masking provides a solution to both of these important issues faced by hospitals, clinics and doctors offices.

Sound Masking is achieved by installing compact speakers in areas where speech and background noise can be heard, and disseminating a low-level noise. No more obtrusive than the low hum of an air conditioning system, it limits the amount of patient information that can be heard when healthcare professionals are discussing potentially sensitive information with other patients. It also boosts patient satisfaction by lessening bothersome background noise.

Providing a more comfortable and private feel, sound masking limits the distance at which conversation can be heard. Once employed, voices that could once be heard at a distance of 50 or 100 feet are limited to 10 or 15 feet. Whether a doctor is discussing recent blood test results or a patient is simply trying to fall asleep in a hospital room, sound masking is a relatively easy-to-implement solution for an existing facility or new build.



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