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Dynamic Projection Mapping and 4K Bring Disney World’s New Wonderful World of Animation Show to Life

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Walt Disney World’s new Wonderful World of Animation Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios wows audiences of all ages with projection mapping that spans ninety years of animation from Fantasia to the Lion King to Frozen. In order to create the fantastical show, the Disney tech team employs top AV technology to create dazzling effects that are combined with pyrotechnics, flame effects and laser lights providing audiences with a show they won’t soon forget.

Utilizing up to ten projectors that are expertly placed and cleverly hidden from view, the Disney tech team employed 4K across a canvas that in total measures 11,000-pixels wide and 2,000 pixels deep to create sharp images that provide the larger than life experience.

Project mapping, a projection technology that turns building and other irregularly shaped structures into a projection surface, often produces 3D effects that bring the surface to life. No stranger to this technology, Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, which opened in 1969, was the first documented use of projection mapping. The new Wonderful World of Animation Show demonstrates their mastery of the craft with effects such as the building being transformed into a giant pipe organ from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

As always, Disney stays one step ahead by designing the show so that new or upcoming movies can be incorporated at a later date keeping the show fresh and current.

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