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Dolby Voice Room Enhances Huddle Room Experience

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Drawing from their extensive experience in relevant technologies, Dolby Laboratories introduces their new Dolby Voice Room for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. The company reports that the system is easy to install and manage for both IT personnel as well as participants while providing a significantly better audiovisual experience.


Dolby Voice Room is comprised of the Dolby Conference Phone, Dolby Voice Camera and Dolby Voice Hub. The Dolby Conference Phone outputs the audio and is also the control center for video conferencing with a simple user interface to start and manage meetings. Distracting sounds such as HVAC or projector hum are cancelled out and sound is boosted for quiet or distant participants. Video mapping automatically adjusts for different lighting scenarios to provide a clear image of the room’s occupants and the camera adjusts framing by zooming in or out and panning to keep everyone in frame even as they move about the room.


Dolby Voice Room also features a whiteboard view that scales and skews the view of the board, adjusting for perspective and even ghosting people as they walk in front of it, so remote participants can clearly see what’s displayed. Dolby Voice Room can be managed remotely allowing IT to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot equipment no matter their location. The Dolby Voice Room is expected to be available later this spring.

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