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Disney World Testing Touch-Free Facial Recognition for Check-In

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With the impacts of COVID-19 in mind and the shift towards a preference in experiences that don’t require touch, Disney World is currently testing a new park entrance check-in technology. The previously used fingerprint scan was halted due to the pandemic, but Disney World is performing a 30-day test using facial recognition technology. The park states that the technology “captures an image of a Guest’s face and converts it into a unique number, which is then associated with the form of admission being used for park entry.”

Participation in this test is optional, and it will run through April 23, 2021. The Disney World website lists three steps in the testing process for guests, which requires them to leave their protective masks on throughout the process:

Step 1: Enter the Facial Recognition Technology Test Lane

When you’re ready to enter the park, simply enter the lane designated for the test program.

Step 2: Remove Accessories, But Keep Your Face Covering in Place

Please take off any hats, visors or sunglasses before you approach the facial recognition test zone. Your face covering must remain on at all times.

Step 3: Face the Camera

Once in the facial recognition test zone, stand facing the camera and then position your valid park admission or MagicBand close to the scanner to activate the technology. The technology will capture an image, which will be converted into a unique number that will be associated with your valid ticket media.

Disney also notes that all images and associated numbers are discarded within 30 days after the test concludes and will not be shared with third parties.

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