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Digital Signage Trends in Sporting Venues

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Digital signage has made its way into sports venues everywhere from scoreboards to kiosks and everything in between. You’d be hard pressed to find an arena without it. New trends are emerging that are enhancing the overall fan experience by going beyond the static digital display and providing engaging content and vital information.


Sports arenas are massive structures filled with seating, concession areas, VIP areas, ticketing booths and numerous other spaces that can be difficult to find in such a large venue. Digital signage offers the ability to assist in directing patrons to their chosen destination with wayfinding. ‘You are here’ maps can assist in pointing out where a person is in relation to where they need to go providing valuable information and resulting in less wandering and lost spectators.


Lines at food vendors at halftime can be unbearable, but digital signage can assist in keeping lines shorter and visitors more engaged with digital signage menu boards, food directories to help you find that perfect meal, and self service kiosks. Rather than standing in a long line, patrons can utilize a touch screen to review the menu and order. Menu boards can allow them to view selections prior to getting in line. In VIP sections, visitors can order and pay via a kiosk and the food can be delivered to them.


Digital signage is being used for more than the static advertising these days. At the AT&T Stadium, spectators could use a digital signage kiosk to take a selfie with virtual team members of the Dallas Cowboys. This type of interactive entertainment keeps patrons engaged and provides a more personal connection that keeps them coming back for more.


A newcomer to sporting events, Esports is a form of competitive video gaming where multiple teams battle it out in popular video games. The action is live streamed to fans worldwide. Esports revenue will hit $1.1 million this year and new venues are popping up everywhere to house throngs of fans who want to see the virtual combat in person. Digital signage is vital in this arena where fans are very accustomed to interacting with screens. From displays that allow close up views of players and feed information for social media interaction to concessions for viewing menus and ordering food, the opportunities are plentiful. Many Esport competition attendees also bring family and friends who may not be fans, so interactive digital signage is vital to keep these outsiders entertained.

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