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Digital Signage in Healthcare

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Healthcare facilities such as hospitals can benefit greatly from utilizing digital signage. A source of information and entertainment, digital signage can serve every population—from patients to healthcare professionals to visitors—to significantly improve patient care, patient experience, staff management and inventory management.

Waiting Rooms

Patients in an ER already arrive in high stress situations from injury or illness and adding long wait times to their tenuous situation doesn’t help. Digital signage can reduce the frustration and stress and even reduce the perceived waiting time by providing information and entertainment. The number of patients waiting with can be posted and automatically updated and information about how the department works and the steps patients can expect while being processed and treated can be displayed so that patients know what to expect next and where they fall in the timeline. Quality programming can alleviate boredom and keep patients engaged while waiting to make the time seem to pass faster.


Hospitals are mazes of hallways that all look alike and make finding your way a difficult task. With digital signage, patients and visitors can more easily navigate to their destination. A detailed map can be displayed with physician directories and step-by-step directions that will allow your patients and visitors get to their destination faster and more easily.


Digital signage allows you to educate your patients and visitors about safety measures, treatments and other offers you may have, such as learning about the importance of mammography and the services the facility offers while waiting to see the gynecologist. Brand awareness can be promoted by displaying events and other services that a facility offers.

Employee Communications

Event schedules, meetings, conferences, and schedule changes can be displayed to employees in break rooms or other employee centric locations. Changes to safety protocol, work policies, inventory levels, new treatments, and a map or listing of available rooms can keep staff informed of changes that affect day-to-day operations and thereby increase efficiency and cost savings.

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