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Digital Signage in Education

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Whether in a K-12 classroom or college campus, administrators are finding digital signage a useful tool to inform and engage students. With interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays taking over classroom walls, the digital age has arrived and both children and young adults alike are accustomed to tablets, laptops and smart phones. Chalkboards no longer command the attention of students, no matter how beautiful their teacher’s handwriting is.


School announcements

Morning announcements and flyers are a standard in getting the word out about school fundraisers and activities, but as any teacher or parent of a K-12 student knows, the kids often don’t pay attention to or can’t retain the barrage of information that is thrown at them in the 10 minutes of morning announcements, and the beautifully prepared school flyers get buried at the bottom of backpacks. With digital signage, announcements can be displayed and rotated throughout the day in the classroom, library and cafeteria, ensuring that both students and even parents have the opportunity to see and absorb the information. On college campuses, events can be displayed as well as other campus happenings to keep students informed when they are on the go.


Emergency Messaging

In today’s world, security is top of mind with students, parents and administrators. On both college and K-12 campuses, digital signage can be used to quickly alert students and teachers of a lock down and provide up to the minute information on an emergency situation, potentially saving lives.



Whether a high school or college freshman, learning the way around can be a frightening experience. Digital signage can provide wayfinding technology to direct a student to their class or provide building directories so they can locate the chemistry lab quickly and easily.


Cafeteria Menus

For little ones who may have a difficult time deciding on what they want to eat, a digital menu with pictures can help them choose before they get to the end of the line, speeding up the process. The same goes for the older kids as well, giving them a clear view of their dining options and even providing nutritional information to promote healthy choices.

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