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Digital Signage Facial Recognition Platforms Account for Mask Wearing

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Digital signage facial recognition software has recently encountered a new wrinkle in the way it functions since the wearing of facial coverings has become so commonplace. Used to count the numbers of people in an audience, as well as detect gender and even emotions, the software doesn’t work as well when a mask covers up many of the facial elements it uses to count people and identify these traits. Companies have taken note and have updated their software to accommodate the wearing of masks and even identify if someone is wearing one or not.

French company Quividi, who provides an audience and campaign intelligence platform for digital signage, says it plans to release an upgraded version of its Audience Measurement Platform that can count DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home) audiences even though they are wearing a face mask. This will ensure that all viewers are correctly measured and that Quividi’s data remains high fidelity. With occupancy limits imposed in many stores and businesses, Quividi has also introduced a digital signage product that calculates the total number of people within a venue and compares it with a threshold. VidiAccess makes use of cameras mounted above each entrance and then aggregates all entries and exits, with the totals displayed on nearby digital signage screens to inform visitors of the numbers of people inside a building. Staff can also access the live occupancy on their smartphone and check trends in a customized dashboard.

Similarly, AdMobilize, a Miami-based company who offers a real-time data and analytics platform for digital signage, has also announced updates to their facial recognition software in response to mask wearing. The new feature is gradually being released to customers along with the newly added ability to accurately quantify people even when they are wearing a mask and have added the metric to tabulate the number of people who are wearing or not wearing masks.

This trend is sure to continue as mask wearing continues to be a trend for the foreseeable future, but overall will result in stronger product offerings and more robust facial recognition platforms for digital signage.

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