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Digital Signage and Facial Recognition: Not Just a Face in the Crowd

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As digital signage has become much more common and technology has become more advanced, facial recognition combined with digital signage is now being utilized to target the message to those actually viewing the signage at a particular time and place. The technology is also used to assess the audience and their interests. Combined with digital signage, facial detection systems are a valuable tool for any company trying to maximize their advertising dollars and reach their target market effectively.


With the help of cameras and specialized software, digital signage can use facial recognition to anonymously capture information such as gender, age and even mood. It can recognize how many people are in the vicinity of the screen at a given date and time, how many looked directly at the screen, and how long they looked at the screen. Audience measurement information is captured and immediately analyzed for viewer trends. For example, at a glance, you can see the viewers who looked at the screen the longest, which may be females, aged 18-25. With that information, you could then decide to display this content at the time of day when the most 18-25 year old females are in the vicinity of the screen.


Besides targeting content, these analytics can also be used to determine a retailer’s customer base, which can assist in streamlining floor layout, inventory and shelf displays.  Retailers can also assess how effective content is by combining data on store purchases during the time particular content was displayed.


Facial recognition allows retailers to distinguish themselves by delivering highly targeted content providing shoppers with a much more personalized and memorable experience. The anonymous data collected allows retailers to assess customer response to new products that assists them in gaining a better understanding of their customers allowing them to adjust content, merchandise and sales approaches much more effectively.

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