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Digital Projections Introduces 8K Laser Projector

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We’re all accustomed to the now mainstream 4K, but 8K is beginning to catch on and Digital Projections has jumped on the relatively new bandwagon with their recently released Insight Dual Laser 8K projector, which they claim to be the first 8K DLP projector in the industry.

The 25,000 lumen solid-state laser phosphor projector, with a resolution of 7689 x 4320 pixels, uses DLP technology incorporating 3 x 1.38″ DarkChip 3 DMD and Digitial Projection’s proprietary ColorMax technology. Projectors configured with ColorMax are pre-aligned to a factory reference to aid consistent color performance. More specific color alignment is also possible by adjusting color temperature, as well as the highlights and shadows of individual colors, on both a global and per source level, making the projector a good choice for color critical applications, especially in the case of matching up multiple overlapping images from different projectors.

Ideal for large venue applications requiring immersive detail, the Insight Dual Laser 8K projector requires little maintenance being that it is both lamp free and filterless. The company claims the light source will last for 20,000 hours, making it a solid long-term, nearly maintenance-free investment.

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