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Danley Sound Labs Provides Innovative Solutions for Large Venues

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In 2005 Tom Danley and Mike Hedden founded Danley Sound Labs. Tom Danley is an innovator who has been interested in electronics and sound since childhood. Prior to starting Danley Sound Labs, Danley utilized his unique talents in the development of many projects including a levitation sound source for NASA, a Sonic boom generator, ground zero bomb simulators used by the military, active noise cancellation of jet engines, critical listening mastering studios and more. His incredible acuity of audio technology and unique design of loudspeakers has been a primary reason in the success of Danley speakers.


What separates Danley Speakers from the Crowd?

Danley Sound Labs specializes in outfitting sports arenas, stadiums and places of worship with amazing sound. Their large format Jericho and Genesis horn technology work well in arenas and stadiums. They can outfit an arena with less speakers than a competitor because the speakers produce the massive SPLs (sound pressure levels) and controlled coverage that these types of venues require. The unique technology provides maximum coverage without the loss of sound quality. As an added bonus, the company claims that the speakers are environmentally friendly because they require just a fraction of the power as compared to competitor’s products.


Danley speakers were recently installed at Shreveport, Louisiana’s Independence Stadium, home to the Independence Bowl. With capacity for 63,000 fans, the audio needs were huge and just two of Danley’s Jericho Horns, a handful of Danley SH-96 loudspeakers and an additional Danley BC-415 subwoofer delivered the volume and clarity that were called for. As compared to the traditional line array systems, Danley speakers offers a more affordable price that requires less real estate and is becoming the new standard in sizeable venues with challenging acoustical needs.


Pro AV Systems recently installed 4 Danley OS90 loudspeakers at Tufts University’s Zimman Field. The speakers perform so well that they cover the football field, soccer field and even the nearby traffic circle, just off campus. They are weatherproof and provide excellent sound quality.


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