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Curved LED Video Walls Bend the Rules with Superior Flexibility

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The benefits of LED displays have already been established—their clarity and brightness make them a superb choice for any environment and varying temperatures and levels of humidity are no match for these displays, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. Their low power consumption, minimal maintenance and increased life spans are nothing to sneeze at either. And in the world of video walls, no bezels allow for a seamless experience while their ability to conform to an architectural space or unique application by taking on a curved shape makes them that much more attractive.

These days curved LED video walls are adorning everything from corporate lobbies to sports arenas. Bending to the challenge, curved LED video walls can be achieved in either of two ways:     they can be constructed using a series of flat panel LED displays that are linked together at varying angles to create an overall curve. Or, they can be constructed from displays that are bendable for a perfectly smooth concave or convex wall.

Budget being an important consideration in most situations, the series of flat panels approach is the more affordable option. However, this decision can’t be made on budget alone, as content is just as important, if not more so. Motion graphics being the more forgiving of content choices will make either option a fine choice, but if more detailed information is presented such as spreadsheets, graphs or other material that needs to be read, this may not be the best choice. A seamless wall with no bezels interfering with the text would be the superior option.

Lastly, the audience’s proximity and viewing angle to the video wall also plays a role in this decision. Flat panels currently offer the smallest pixel pitch giving those that are close to the video wall a much clearer view of the content. When it comes to viewing angles, if people are standing off to the sides and the curve of the wall is gradual, then the flat panels should be sufficient. However, if it’s a tight curve with people viewing from the sides, then flexible panels will ensure they can view the content.

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