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Crestron Unveils Innovative Meeting and Collaboration Solution

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Crestron revealed its new Mercury Tabletop Conference System at the 2017 Digital Sign Expo in February. This new sleek and affordable touch screen makes small huddle room collaboration easier than ever before.


Unified Communication

In today’s world of online communication, there are many different ways to interact whether it be through Skype for business, WebEx, GoToMeeting, or numerous other options. It’s often a problem connecting everyone on one line unless they are using the same software to join. Creston’s new Mercury allows meeting participants to connect via their preferred method even if everyone else is using something different. Users are no longer forced to rush to download and learn new software ten minutes before a meeting.


BYOD Connectivity

Connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone to present pertinent information during a meeting wirelessly via Crestron’s AirMedia or via HDMI or even USB.



Fully compatible with major SIP-compliant phone systems, you can make calls via VoIP, or connect your smart phone using Bluetooth or USB. The days of huddling over a speaker straining to hear the voice on the other end are over.

Users can hear you clearly no matter if you’re right in front of the console or standing at the whiteboard with your back to the room. Both the speaker and microphones are specifically engineered to provide excellent sound quality.


Room scheduling

Through a web based tool, you can view a schedule to see who is using the room when and book your own time slot. You can also track how the room has been used over time to take into consideration for future planning.


Room Occupancy

An infrared detector senses when anyone is in the room, allowing it to show up as scheduled so that no inadvertently interrupts the meeting. It also powers down automatically if it senses no one is nearby thereby saving energy and making the room available on the calendar if no one show up for a scheduled meeting.


Loaded with new features, this newcomer to business collaboration continues the current trend of creating a more natural and simplistic working environment for teleconferencing—a trend that’s definitely not going anywhere.


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