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Crestron Home Office Companion Combines Audio Conferencing and Smart Home Control

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The need for quality home office AV equipment has been accentuated by the significant recent increase in employees who are working solely at home or in hybrid models. Crestron has addressed this need with their new home office companion, the Crestron Home Audio Conferencing System (UC-MM30-R).

The unit offers a modern design that includes a 7-inch high-resolution touch screen, a high-fidelity speaker, and four-microphone array that captures 360-degree, long-range pickup. The Crestron Home Audio Conferencing System provides dedicated audio for meetings launched from a PC or Mac device and users can control call volume as well as the entire Crestron Home system, including light, TVs, thermostats, and security cameras via the touch screen.

Environments can be customized to provide the ideal call setting by adjusting any combination of devices at once. With an “On A Call” customizable scene, the lights can brighten, shades can close, and the music pause. Alternatively, once a call concludes, users can select their “Off A Call” scene to return to the normal mode. Users can call in using Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, Slack, Google Meet as well as other conferencing applications.

Able to be connected via Wi-Fi® or Ethernet communication links, with Power over Ethernet for remote management and monitoring, the Crestron Home Audio Conferencing System, is available for pre-order now.

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