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Crestron Announces New 4-Series for Powerful Centralized Control

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Building on the foundation of the Crestron 3-series, Crestron has announced their new Crestron 4-series, which allows organizations to unify and control any of the growing number of devices and building systems on a network. Whether a single conference room or an entire college campus, the 4-series offers a centralized server-based control solution that can replace multiple individual control systems. Control AV systems, voice and data, streaming media, lights, shades, security systems and HVAC utilizing this one intelligent control platform.

The 4 -series offers 4 times more memory and 15 times faster processing than the 3-series and offers enterprise-grade network security. Individual rooms can be managed with the MC4 and RMC4 models; floors or complex rooms with CP4 / CP4-N, or the AV4, PRO4, and DIN-AP4 (releasing in the near future); and buildings and campuses with the server-based Crestron Virtual Control platform.

Built for distributed and centralized control, code is organized into smaller programs as compared to one large one to allow for more efficient programming, troubleshooting and uploading. For those existing programs that were created for 3-series, a simple recompile will allow them to be easily upgraded to run on the 4-series with no need for code changes.

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