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Crestron AirBoard Makes Whiteboards Visible to In-Room and Remote Users

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Crestron exhibited their new Crestron AirBoard network whiteboard capture device at Infocomm, which will be available soon and will make viewing whiteboards easier for both in-room attendees as well as remote participants. Essentially a camera on an arm that attaches to any electronic whiteboard, it displays whiteboard content on the main conference room screen or their personal mobile device while also allowing content to be posted, emailed, or texted.

Meeting participants simply choose “whiteboard” as a source on the in-room Crestron TSW touch screen or on the built-in touch screen on Crestron Mercury to start the session. When “end meeting” is selected, the user is prompted to save and send the file.

Remote conferencing participants can access the whiteboard session much like they would connect to Crestron AirMedia wireless presentation devices by entering the URL (or friendly name) shown on the room display in their web browser. Once on the web page, the user simply enters the dynamic PIN or access code, which is also shown on the room display.

A mounting kit is included with the Crestron AirBoard and only a single Ethernet cable to the LAN is required for video, power, and secure connection to the network and Crestron ecosystem.

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