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Coty VR Kiosk Allows Customers to Virtually Test Nail Polish

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Coty, an American multinational beauty company, recently tested 400 blended reality kiosks that allowed customers to insert their hand and view different shades of OPI brand nail polish on their nails via a display. Coty claims they have seen 24-percent sales increases at locations that featured the units.

Developed in collaboration with Play Retail and integrator Pioneer Group, the kiosks combine a touch screen and a camera with motion-tracking software. The user chooses their choice of nail color using the touch screen and the real nails are mapped with a virtual overlay of the polished nails being displayed onscreen looking like they just stepped out of the salon.

Coty seems to be testing the VR waters with other ventures including immersive fragrance testing using a VR headset and their blended reality ‘Magic Mirror’ that allows customer to virtually try on different shades of lipstick.

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