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Corporate and Education AV markets Show Promising Upward Trend in 2018

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Conducted annually by Commercial Integrator and NSCA, The 2018 Integration Business Outlook Study indicates that most pro AV verticals are trending upwards, especially the two largest AV vertical markets, corporate and education.


Of the 188 integrators and consultants surveyed, 67 percent of respondents indicated that their corporate market business was up in 2017 while only 2 percent said it was down. 44 percent said that revenues from the education market were also climbing. An overwhelming 81 percent expect their corporate market business to grow in 2018 with 70 percent also expecting business from the education market to increase.


More than one-third of respondents have a very positive outlook for the coming year, indicating that they expect their revenues to grow by at least 11 percent in 2018. 91 percent said that their overall business climate is good or better and that they expect industry growth to be 2 percent higher than in 2017.

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