Technology in
the Classroom

Envisioning a K-12 classroom may conjure up images of blackboards and a teacher standing at the front scrawling notes that students are frantically copying, but times have changed. These days, in many classrooms, blackboards are obsolete. Teachers have traded chalk for interactive displays and students may even be working on tablets or laptops rather than copying into notebooks. The role of technology in education is

As technology advances, there will continue to be new and innovative ways to engage and educate students.

Interactive Projectors

When determining the best solution for display systems there are many things to be taken into consideration to ensure the final decision fits the needs of that space and the people in it. Both flat screens and projectors have their own pros and cons, but whether business or education, the end result must suit the use of the space and content to be displayed.

Brightlink Classroom Solutions

Epson BrightLink 1485Fi and BrightLink 1480Fi Offer 16:6 Display Capabilities for Ultra-Wide Images and Productivity Tools in Today’s Modern Classrooms

Virtually maintenance-free laser light source, these ultra short-throw, 1080p Full HD2 laser displays offer new wide screen display options for turning virtually any flat surface into an instant, ultra-wide interactive digital whiteboard

Key Features

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive Displays Bring Learning To Life.

Interactive displays are the ideal classroom technology solution, being easy-to-use, simple to install, and providing more than 50,000 hours of hands-on classroom use. Connect to the ever-expanding world of educational apps directly from the home screen. Easily mirror mobile devices to share content, or connect Bluetooth® devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, and robots to support lessons.

New Ways to Engage

The Promethean ActivPanel Titanium includes Classroom Essential apps and a variety of teaching tools – all available at the touch of a button. Use the infinite canvas on the highly intuitive Whiteboard app to instantly supplement lessons. Draw, highlight, and annotate over any content from any source. Quickly screen capture content, crop, and open it within the Whiteboard app for further discussion. Add excitement to any lesson or activity with the customizable Spinner and Timer apps.

Cleartouch offers Ultra HD for bright images for use in any classroom even with the room lights on. Smart multi-touch technology offers twenty points of simultaneous touch that allows multiple people to utilize the display at the same time and up to four users can connect to the panel wirelessly from any device through the Clear Touch Collage software. Pens let you easily annotate while you can erase with the palm of your hand. A built-in Android interface allows users to pull up all of their apps and resources directly from the panel or any wirelessly connected device.

Powerful, Collaborative Interaction

EASINOTE allows drawing, writing and annotation on top of your presentation. Serves as a whiteboard as well

EASICONNECT Seamlessly connect mobile Devices (iOS and Android) to the panel. Also allows control of your EasiNote and Powerpoint presentations

EASICAPTURE records video, voice and all display interactivity. Editing capabilities built-in

EASIREMOTE for Enterprise wide management, diagnostics, screen viewing and mass communication

DISPLAYNOTE allows for the display, onsite or offsite,
Of tablet, laptop or Chromebook screens. Ideal for
remote presenters.

COLLAGE wireless BYOD. Four simultaneous mobile device displays

SNOWFLAKE for Business and for Education. Powerful Interactive software with modules that streamlines communications and presentations. Allows for easy creation, professional presentations, idea sharing intuitive decision making and streamlines meeting efficiencies. Enhanced with Canvas Educational version includes lesson planning and creation and has a suite of tutorials built-in

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is an umbrella term describing any technology that allows instructors to record what happens in their classrooms and make it available digitally. The term is used to describe a wide array of software, system capabilities, and hardware options. It could even include software that records cursor movement, typing, and other on-screen activity for demonstration purposes with an audio voiceover.

Benefits of Active Learning Classrooms

Highly collaborative environment

Collaborative learning sessions enhance problem-solving skills, inspire critical thinking while helping students develop their social skills as they learn together.

Central control allows teachers to monitor, distribute and annotate the content

Having control over the lesson presentation in real time provides the ability to be more flexible while keeping students more engaged.

Interactive Technology

Make the learning process more encompassing — interactive technology unites students in the classroom and caters to different learning styles creating a more collaborative and engaging classroom environment

Cameras, web conferencing, lecture capture

Web conferencing and cameras for lecture capture provide opportunities for remote learning and collaboration between multiple locations.

ALC’s often utilize round or curved tables

Desks or chairs arranged in a circle or half circle promote community and encourage all students to participate. Everyone sits in the front row. It also allows the instructor to see everyone from an equal distance and communicate easier with students.

BYOD capabilities

Make it easy for teachers, guest speakers and students to share content and collaborate on ideas.