Audio Video

Commercial audiovisual installation is comprised of sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems from professional manufacturers, dealers, systems integrators, consultants, programmers, presentations professionals and technology managers of audiovisual products and services. We focus on businesses, education, government, the military, healthcare, retail environments, worship, sports and entertainment, hospitality, restaurants, and museums.

ProAV System Integrators is focused on building and installing highly professional AV environments meant for all types of businesses

Below is a summary of our most popular system types

Interactive Classrooms

Engaged students are better learners – Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) and Interactive Projectors (Epson Brightlink®) are key to reaching today’s digital students. Providing the best fit for your organization is fundamental to the success of the interactive classroom.

Microsoft Teams / Zoom Rooms

Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms both allow a simple video and teleconferencing solution that enable easy screen sharing and remote communications. These increasingly popular software platforms can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday business communications. These solutions are cost effective and simplify operations making them a prime choice for today’s office environment.

Conference Rooms

Collaboration is a vital player in the success of any organization. Today’s conference rooms seamlessly connect environment and technology to ensure that efficient communications and exceptional meetings are the norm. Integrating elements from lighting to video conferencing, audio and climate control is a careful balance that requires knowledge and experience.

Cafeterias / Auditoriums

These spaces are often a challenging mix of difficult acoustics and complex usage. With the right combination of technology and design, they can effortlessly transform from a lunchroom or lecture hall to a performing arts theatre.

Construction / Renovation

Whether new construction or renovations, we work side by side with contractors and other onsite personnel to efficiently install any new equipment or prepare a space for integration. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty to make sure your project meets your expectations. We can provide services in both union and non-union spaces.

Huddle Spaces

A smaller, intimate meeting space is a perfect place for on the go collaboration. Empower your employees to be more productive and get more done in these cost-effective spaces with a simplified yet uniform solution. Everything from BYOD to web conferencing, these small rooms have a powerful impact on day to day business.


Whether hospital, clinic or doctor’s office, tools such as digital signage can provide wayfinding and information. Sound masking provides comfort for patients and doctors making sure your confidential conversations stay private. Design and attention to detail are all-important in bringing effective services such as these to patients, caregivers, doctors and other healthcare professionals.


The integration of audio and video conferencing has an important role in public sector organizations. Providing increased efficiency, more effective collaboration and improved security can make tasks easier and less time consuming.