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Christie Launches New Commercial UVC Disinfection Light Fixture

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As this pandemic progresses and with cases climbing, protection from the virus is top of mind as cities and states start to re-open. Christie has addressed this issue with the launch of their new Christie CounterAct line of commercial UV disinfection products with patented Care222 far-UVC light technology for cinemas, theme parks, museums, sports complexes and other indoor spaces.

Developed by Christie’s parent company, Ushio, Inc. the patented narrowband filtered Care222 excimer lamps are housed withing a Christie fixture. The products emit far-UVC 222nm light, which Christie claims is the only UV technology shown to continuously and significantly reduce pathogens, like coronaviruses, that may also be used while people are present, unlike other UV technologies, when used in accordance with specified parameters. According to Christie, the fixtures have been shown to be effective at reducing pathogens in laboratory tests.

Ushio developed the Care222 far-UVC, mercury-free excimer lamp using IP licensing from Columbia University based on research by Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research. The lamp includes a proprietary short pass filter that prevents the emission of longer wavelengths of UV light (230nm and higher) that are capable of penetrating human skin and eyes.

The CounterAct line of fixtures feature fast instant on/off at full output power and can be controlled remotely. Well suited for use across a wide range of occupied, commercial areas such as entertainment venues, including lobbies, auditoriums, and restrooms, Christie’s first CounterAct fixture contains two Care222 excimer far-UVC lamps and can be easily installed on ceilings similar to other commercial lighting fixtures.

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