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Broadcast Pix at Boston Children’s Hospital

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You’ve probably seen the renovation we recently did at Boston Children’s Hospital in their Cafe space – if not you can view the blog post here.

If you are wondering how the entire thing works, you can learn more about it in this article written by Broadcast Pix – one of our equipment partners in the space.  In short, by using the Broadcast Pix Mica 1000, the hospital can produce its own live, multi-camera cooking demonstrations in house, filming some of the hottest celebrity chefs in their own kitchen.  The feed can then be rebroadcast throughout the hospital for patients, families and visitors to view.

While the production switcher may look complicated (and it certainly is!) it’s simple for the end user to manipulate and control.  The system includes 4 Vaddio Roboshot PTZ cameras, 2 of which are hidden inside cooking ventilation hoods to get a clear shot down of what’s going on.  Chefs are equipped with headsets and microphones, and the audience also has a microphone so that others in the space can be heard as well.  Rather than using multiple pieces of equipment, we chose to use this integrated system from Broadcast Pix, giving the controller a simple interface for camera control, switching and graphics to include as well.  The great part about this piece? It will grow with the hospital and can be used in many different ways in the cafe in the future – so the hospital isn’t tied to a basic system.

Want to read more about the project and the great equipment from Broadcast Pix? Read the article here.

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