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Boston Children’s Hospital Mosaic Video Wall

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We recently completed one of the most exciting projects at Pro AV Systems to date. Boston Children’s Hospital is renovating their Cafeteria and wanted to incorporate a video wall – but not just any video wall. This one is a mosaic wall, with panels and a processing system made by Planar. Each of the 28 panels on the wall are 22” squares, together creating a part of an image that is displayed as a whole on another monitor to the side of the wall. The center monitor is pushed out from the wall with a specialized mount, creating a sense of depth and a really cool effect on your eye. The whole project – from cabling to commission – was a 2 month process, but the panels themselves went in in about a week. We decided it would be cool to time lapse video the installation – and the result is amazing.

Check out the video here:

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