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Benefits of AV Integration for Video Conferencing

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Technology has a way of making things easier and video conferencing is no exception. Gone are the days of straining to hear the fuzzy audio and messy conference room setups. A more natural method of communication, current video conferencing technology makes connecting with employees and clients simpler and more fluid. Its advantages are plentiful and can make a big difference in the efficiency of daily operations, productivity, as well as provide cost savings.


Less Travel

Saving money and time by eliminating travel to engage in face-to-face meetings is a huge advantage. More and more employees are working remotely, clients can be worldwide and collaborating with corporate locations that may be on the other side of the country, or world, is simple and smooth with the use of technology such as PolyCom’s Telepresence Workspace. Polycom incorporates digital ceiling microphones to deliver audio clarity without the background noise for distraction-free meetings. Multiple screens with 4K video gives the impression of being face-to-face with peers or clients, and content sharing via a mobile device makes collaboration easy.


More Efficient and Effective Communication

Rather than sending an e-mail or trying to explain a complicated matter via phone, employees can now quickly and easily share content and communicate as if in the same room, using video conferencing. With little to no setup required with current systems, employees can quickly and simply connect and communicate, eliminating the back and forth of e-mail. Crestron’s Mercury, a VoIP conferencing tabletop speakerphone that can connect to any display in a room, offers the ability to quickly locate a room that is available with its’ room-scheduling software, so employees don’t need to waste time hunting for a conference room.


Hasten onboard processes by bringing new remote employees up-to-date quickly and efficiently via video conferencing. Train regional sales teams on new goods or services that are being offered or communicate new processes or technology to the IT team in another location. Video conferencing offers a convenient and efficient platform to train employees who aren’t in office.


Video conferencing provides many advantages and gives companies an edge with more efficient communications. Utilizing the most current video-conferencing technology, companies can eliminate unnecessary travel expenses and enhance employee productivity.

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