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Barco’s UniSee Video Wall Makes Gaps a Thing of the Past

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Video walls traditionally pose a challenge for integrators to ensure that installation creates a tight fit with no gaps between displays. When displays need to be serviced, the same issue arises and can lead to gaps over time. Barco has taken this issue to heart and devised an innovative solution with their new UniSee video wall.


UniSee modifies the installation approach in that the integrator, or person who is servicing the wall, no longer has to depend on their own handiwork to make sure gaps between displays are minimized. The Barco system uses a method that relies on gravity to shift panels into place both horizontally and vertically to automatically allow the system to handle the gaps both at installation and over time. Barco has tested this up to a height of ten panels.


The system comes with a simple wrench-like tool that is used to easily move the panels into place or apart with very little effort. Part of what makes this possible is that modular electronics are integrated into the mount, including the power supply, so that the panel is simply that, a panel, and can be easily removed and serviced.  In fact, Barco claims that most repairs can be done on-site so any downtime is substantially minimized.


The system also boasts ultra thin bezels, superior intra-tile uniformity and continuous and real-time calibration that ensures the entire wall maintains the same consistent level of brightness and unvarying color. With no fans, UniSee is quiet and optimizes reliability and the 100,000 backlight hours promise your video wall will stand the test of time.

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